1. Scam announcement template on bitcointalk.org:

If you use bitcointalk.org be really carefull about all the scams you will encounter there. Especially fake announcement like this one wich you can recognize quickly as it only has a wallet to download and says everything else is coming soon. It’s a template currently used a lot on https://bitcointalk.org and sadly they don’t do anything about it. You will see dozens of post like this everyday.
So here is an exemple of a scam announcement on bitcointalk.org:

COIN: Severok
Block Time Target: 120 SEC (2 MIN)
P2P PORT: 41018
RPC PORT: 51018
BLOCK REWARD: 100.000000
No pre-sale
No pre-mine
No bounties
No masternodes

Windows: https://github.com/Severok-coin/Severok/releases/download/1.0/Severok.project.zip

will be launched in two days

Mining pools
will be launched in two days

Change ticker

2. Warning Section:

We decided to add a warning section about coins. That means that we think you should be careful before dealing with those coins.
To help others, send us any scam you have found with the form below the table.

We would like to issue a warning for those coins:

CoinAbrAnnouncementReasonState of the coinDate added
FortniteCashFNCShowDev disappearing, ScamUnknown2018/04/01
Viero CoinVROShowDev disappearing, looks like a scamUnknown2018/04/01
Bravo CoinBRVShowDev disappearing, repeated delays and claims of re-used codeUnknown2018/04/01
EdenEDENShowScam, exit plannedLaunched2018/04/04
Gnode ProGNPShowThead deleted then restartedTo be released on the 2018/04/062018/04/06
BytepayBEPAYShowReport of ban on Discord for asking questionsLaunched2018/04/09
Native American CoinNACShowLots of report of scam coin
Dev Disappearing
CropCoinCROPShowLinked to BytePayLaunched2018/04/12
Line CoinLINE ShowDev disappearingUnknown2018/04/12
Aladin CoinAICShowPonzi SchemeLaunched2018/04/13
NtokenNTEShowDevs have not been responsive, wallets not syncing, main pools are inactive/not paying outLaunched2018/04/14
Onlax CoinONLShowTeam dissolved
Project Stopped
ZumbaCoinZUMBAShowDev not responding, looks like scamLaunched2018/04/16
AXSAXSShowError in code, network stopped; swap to comeLaunched2018/04/20
Maple CoinMAPShowDev not answering, Coin seems deadLaunched2018/04/22
KingstonKGXShowReport of bans on discord
High probability of scam
EntityNTTShowCoin dead.
Discrod closed, devs not responding.
Design-CoinDSNShowMN Scam, Dev leftLaunched2018/05/04
VersusVREShowMN Scam, Dev leftLaunched2018/05/04
IsotopeISOShowMN Scam, dev ran away with coins, deleted everythingLaunched2018/05/04
EndorphinENDShowCoin dead, dev disappeared, discord became a spam channelLaunched2018/05/07
NitroPayNITROShowCoin dead, dev disappeared, delisting from exchange in progressLaunched2018/05/07
EXVO ExchangeN/AN/AEXVO Exchange has been reported to have scam exited. No news from dev or anyone.
Don't deal with them
One Man Coin ONEMShowDev disappearedLaunched2018/05/15
NexolNXLShowThread deleted, Dev gone, Coin deadLaunched2018/05/24
LjcoinShowReported dead, block stuckLaunched2018/05/29
ZondCoinZNDShowDev disappearedLaunched2018/05/29
NeroShowReported deadLaunched2018/06/07
XinardXNDShowAnn, website, discord, github all deletedLaunched2018/06/11
SAS CoinSASShowSync problem, might be deadLaunched2018/06/18
UniqUNIQShowSeems completely deadLaunched2018/07/10
Cano CoinCANOShowusing fake photos from shytterstock, More info: ShowLaunched2018/07/17
RollerROLShowNeed to pay to mineLaunched2018/07/22
Dualnode CoinDNCA / DNCZShowMN Scam/Discord deleted/Dev disappearedNot launched2018/08/02
TemasekTSKShowInitial post and Discord deletedLaunched2018/08/06
A-HAShowNeed to pay to mineLaunched2018/08/14
QuazShowDev closing ann post, blockchain stoppedLaunched2018/08/22
IsroilShowDev disappearing, wallet no synchronizingLaunched2018/08/22
GloriumGLOShowAnnouncement cleanedLaunched2018/08/26
MeissaMESSShowDiscord/Dev disapperedNot Launched2018/08/26
DigitSlateDISLShowMany issues, announcement editedLaunched2018/09/01
BitgloBGLShowFake team/Deleting messagesLaunched2018/09/04
JetrobeXShowDev disappeared, discord closed, no sync on networkLaunched2018/09/05
VeSteelCoinVSCShowDev disappeared and closed everythingLaunched2018/09/11
ProtonCoinPROTONShowno active proton blockchain, report of posts being deletedLaunched2018/09/11
DepayShowSame announcement as Verax by same guy, same dayNot Launched2018/11/12
VeraxShowSame announcement as Depay by same guy, same dayNot Launched2018/11/12
BitcoinMedalBTMDShowFake teamLaunched2018/12/14
LiveFutureCoinLVShowChain seems stuck/No news from devLaunched2018/12/23
Bitcoin RichBTRShowDev deleted everythingLaunched2019/01/16
OctolixOCXShowSame ann and specs as Tzero, BitcoinDec and Directive2019/01/TBA2019/01/23
TzeroTZRShowSame ann and specs as Octolix, BitcoinDec and Directive2019/01/TBA2019/01/23
DirectiveDCVShowSame ann and specs as Tzero, Octolix and BitcoinDec2019/01/TBA2019/01/24
SpinelSPNLShowDiscord disappeared, dev disappearedNot Launched2019/01/27
VircoinVICShowFake teamNot Launched2019/01/31
SteelstoragecoinShowVirus, Empty githubLaunched2019/02/05
SubiSUBIShowDev deleted everything Launched2019/02/06
SecureStorageCoinSSGShowReported TrojanLaunched2019/02/14
SecureStorageCoinSSGShowScam/VirusNot Launched2019/02/24
SejectedCoinSJCShowJust another virusNot Launched2019/02/25
HalocoinHLOShowDead/Fake teamNot Launched2019/02/27
OrtexORXShowlooks fake/VirusNot Launched2019/03/07
BitlionBTLCShowTopic deletedLaunched2019/03/09
VergedarkgreenVXDG ShowPlagiarized WPLaunched2019/03/15
PrismLUMShowPlagiarismNot Launched2019/03/18
Bitbrain CoinBBCShowDiscord disappeared?/No dev newsLaunched2019/03/20
Bitcoin StarSTARShowScam exit done.Launched2019/03/21
FyreFYRShowExit Scam, Website Down, Discord DeletedLaunched2019/03/26
BitSteelCoinSTEELShowScam/Dev deleted website and disordLaunched2019/04/06
RumbcoinRUMBShowChain deadLaunched2019/04/11
SajestiaShowNo sources/VirusLaunched2019/04/24
OWL coinShowVirus/ScamNot Launched2019/04/28
EctaviaECVAShowVirus WalletNot Launched2019/05/01
DakaraDKRShowVirus/ScamNot Launched2019/05/02
EroviumShowDev deleted everythingLaunched2019/05/06
PasedaShowDev deleted everythingLaunched2019/05/06
ConnexShowDev abandonned the projectLaunched2019/05/06
XtellaShowDev abandonned the projectLaunched2019/05/06
UlordShowScam/VirusesNot Launched2019/05/09
Used-TechShowDev not respondingNot Launched2019/05/09
Trust System OneShowDev not responding/Never launched/looks like scam exitNot Launched2019/05/17
EclipsimShowDiscord deleted/dev not answeringLaunched2019/06/08
C.R.U.M.B.SShowDev deleted everythingLaunched2019/06/08
ShadowliteShowDev deleted everythingLaunched2019/06/17
TrinacoinShowDev trying to sell the projectLaunched2019/06/27
KeplerShowDev disappearedLaunched2019/07/01
GoldbearCoinShowDev disappearedLaunched2019/07/01
ZyrkShowDev disappeared an deleted everythingLaunched2019/07/01
SpermcoinShowDev disappeared an deleted everythingLaunched2019/07/01
TurtleGoldShowDelisted / scamLaunched2019/07/02
B2GShowAll exchanges disabled. No responses on Bitcointalk, no activity on Discord.Launched2019/07/05
Bitcoin PayBPAYShowScamNot launched2019/08/14
Vie AnonimeVIEShowSite down, explorer down, ...Launched2019/09/18
AjobcoinAJOShowEverything downLaunched2019/09/19
DioCORE COINDIOShowEverything downNot Launched2019/09/19
SonataShowScamNot Launched2019/11/12
GredenShowScam, dev deleted everythingLaunched2019/12/17
WCodeShowScam, dev disappearedLaunched2019/12/17
DarkcrystalShowScam, dev disappearedLaunched2019/12/17
SivostaShowVirus/ScamNot Launched2019/12/30
Virtual FinanceShowThread and Discord deletedLaunched2020/01/15

3. Send a warning about a coin to help others:

If you want to help others miners, you can help us by sending a warning with the contact from below.
Once verified we will immediately publish it here.