What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is the process of mining the most popular cryptocoin utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power.
Cloud mining offers an instrument to mine a digital currency, for example, bitcoin without installing all the equipment and related gear. There are organizations that enable individuals to open a record with them and partake during the time spent cloud digging for a fundamental cost. Be that as it may, the procedure makes mining open to a more extensive number of individuals crosswise over far off areas.

What are the best sites to use for cloud mining?

In the past we recommended Genesis and Hashflare; but lately there has been so many reports of problem for withdrawals or else that we couldn’t recommend any cloud mining service !

How much do I need to invest for cloud mining?

Genesis starts at $285 for a 5 years contract for 1000 H/s on Bitcoin mining.
Hashflare starts as small as $0.60 for a 1 year contract for 10 GH/s on Bitcoin mining.

What are the risks of cloud mining?

Coins could drop significantly in value and with that any profits.
The site could be hacked and put your coins/money at risk.
Problems for withdrawals

Our View on cloud mining.

There is definitely a risk when getting involved in cloud mining, you just need to google it and you will read a lot of negative news regarding it, however if you invest money you can afford to lose we see it as a real opportunity to gain profits.